Author: Natalie Van Hoozer

Charo Henriquez on Bilingual Reporting, Crisis Coverage in Puerto Rico and Newsroom Diversity

November 14, 2017

Originally published on the Reynolds Media Lab. 

Natalie Van Hoozer recently caught up with senior editor of digital storytelling and training at the New York Times Charo Henriquez at ONA 2017.

Note: This interview was translated from Spanish and has been edited for clarity and conciseness.

Q: What was your motivation to start a career in journalism?

I didn’t know that I wanted to be a journalist. Even when I was little, I really liked to write and thought that I’d be a writer. When I was looking at higher education possibilities for university, I thought of journalism. (more…)

2016 Caucus Coverage

Published February 21, 2016 by Teen Vogue. caucus-screen-grab-cropped

That’s right. We’re the best in the west. Nevada is the fist western state to caucus and third behind the New Hampshire primaries. While we’re miles away from all the action on the East coast, we set the tone for other caucuses moving forward. We don’t have as many delegates as other states, but what we do have matters. The people chosen to represent Sanders and Clinton in Nevada will go on to represent them at the national Democratic convention in Las Vegas later this year.

And perhaps because there are brightly lit casinos around us, if there had been a tie between Clinton and Sanders, precinct leaders would have drawn cards to break it, instead of flipping a coin like Iowa. Nevada is an incredibly diverse state; we have the highest number of undocumented citizens in the entire country… (more…)


This banner at UNR states the three goals of the Million Student March: Tuition free college, the cancellation of student debt and a $15 per hour minimum student worker wage. Photo by Natalie Van Hoozer.

From workers to politicians: Reno’s minimum wage debate

Renoites, from fast food workers to state politicians, are taking a stand on what the minimum wage should be.

Jessica Macias, employee of the Wendy’s restaurant chain, feels increasing the minimum wage would help Wendy’s employees in their struggle to cover living expenses. Macias said that, at the very least, $10 per hour would be an acceptable minimum wage for Wendy’s employees.

Currently, the state minimum wage is $7.25 per hour for workers with health benefits and $8.25 per hour for those without. (more…)

El regalo del aislamiento

The following poem was selected by a panel of professors and published in the University of Nevada World Languages and Literatures department magazine Voces in the fall of 2015.

El regalo del aislamiento
Tengo mis amigos, mi familia, mis sueños y mis estudios.
Sólo hay una hora del día cuando tengo la oportunidad de descansar:
El momento cuando tengo espacio libre,
tiempo a mí misma y un segundo con mis pensamientos.
Durante un día típico, personas e ideas crean una inundación, una cacofonía de vida.
Anoche, sólo dormí cuando formé una imagen en mi cabeza:
Había un cañón con toda la sociedad estaba en un lado y yo estaba sola en el otro lado.
El aislamiento es un regalo.


The Gift of Solitude
I have my friends, my family, my dreams and my studies.
There is only one hour of the day when I have the opportunity to rest:
The moment when I have free space,
time to myself and a second with my thoughts.
During a typical day, people and ideas create an inundation, a cacophony of life.
Last night, I only slept when I formed an image in my mind:
There was a canyon with all of society on one side and I was alone on the other side.
Isolation is a gift.

Translation performed by the author of the work.