This ice skate belongs to Maddie Fisher, a competitive figure skater working her way back from injury.

Reno Profile: Ice Skater Maddie Fisher

January 10, 2016

The Reno Ice Rink is now in its second year at the Aces Ballpark. It was previously located by the Truckee River and was call the "Rink on the River."

The Reno Ice Rink is now in its second year at Aces Ballpark. Many people followed the rink from its previous location near the Truckee River, where it was called the Rink on the River.


One of those people is skate rink employee Maddie Fisher. Fisher first learned to skate at the Rink on the River and went on to figure skate competitively in Los Angeles.


Fisher’s skating dreams were abruptly put on hold in 2013 when she landed a spin incorrectly. “I felt my ankle snap,” she said.


Since breaking her ankle, Fisher has not been able to skate at her previous level of difficulty. Her injury prevents her from doing sit spins, her favorite move.


These physical limitations are not holding her back. In 2015 Fisher returned to skating. Her job at the Reno Ice Rink allows her to develop her leg strength and retrain her body to skate.


Every day, she laces up her skates and practices. Making the decision to skate again was simple for Fisher. She said, “If you love something enough, you’ll do it.”

DSC_0725action spinfinal

Sometimes, when the Zamboni cleans the rink, Fisher has a few minutes to skate alone. She even does a spin occasionally. In the future, Fisher hopes to return to competitive skating and coach younger skaters.