Credit: Aishwarya Krishnamoorthy

My recent work as a bilingual Spanish-English reporter for National Public Radio member station Reno Public Radio, KUNR 88.7 FM.

Desde Nevada hasta México: Un hijo sigue a su padre deportado [September 4, 2018]

From Nevada To Mexico: Son Follows Deported Father [September 4, 2018]

Una conversación con Maria Hinojosa [May 22, 2018]

Exploring The Landscape Of Bilingual Journalism [May 22, 2018]

DACA Students At UNR Remain In Limbo [March 9, 2018]

En Español: Los legisladores de Nevada responden a la incertidumbre de DACA [January 30, 2018]

Nevada Legislators Respond To DACA Uncertainty [January 30, 2018]

Seven Things To Know About DACA [December 26, 2017]

En Español: Seis cosas que debería saber sobre cómo obtener una visa [December 1, 2017]

Six Things To Know About Getting A Visa [December 1, 2017]

Photo Project Shows Human Side Of DACA Debate [November 27, 2017]

En Español: Las fuerzas de seguridad y miembros de la iglesia mitigan miedos sobre inmigración [September 29, 2017]

Law Enforcement And Church Assuage Immigrant Fears [September 29, 2017]

Renoites Offer DACA Assistance Before Renewal Deadline [September 26, 2017]

Buñuelos: Preserving A Mexican Tradition [September 22, 2017]

Small Business Resource Guide Releases In Spanish [September 18, 2017]

UNR Students Protest DACA Decision [September 5, 2017]

En Español: A la gente de Nevada le procupa el futuro de DACA [ September 1, 2017]

Future Of DACA Concerns Nevadans [September 1, 2017]

My recent work as a general assignment reporter:

Nevada’s Old Mines: Abandoned But Not Forgotten [August 8, 2017]

Creating An Inclusive Art Space In Sparks  [July 24, 2017]

Some of my previous KUNR content focused on Reno’s Latin@ community and the Spanish language:

Being A Latina Business Owner In Reno [December 30, 2016]

An International Look At American Voting (Or Lack Thereof) [November 12, 2016]

Is Tim Kaine’s Spanish Resonating With Northern Nevadans? [September 29, 2016]

(Additional interview content on noticieromovil.com.)

During the summer of  2016 I was KUNR’s business news intern. I traveled the area reporting on entrepreneurship and local development and in turn how those elements impact the lives Northern Nevadans.

Reno Collector To Preserve Iconic Motel Signs [August 8, 2016]

Not Tesla: Battery Recycling Refinery Opens In Reno Tahoe Industrial Center [July 29,2016]

Reno’s Vacant Buildings: Blight or Potential Tourist Attraction? [July 25, 2016]

The Falconer [July 12, 2016]

Washoe Libraries Join The Startup Scene [July 11, 2016]

Solar Coffee And Mechanical Squids: Reno’s Mini Maker Faire [July 11, 2016]

Two Reno Motels Will Come Down  [July 7, 2016]

Photos: Artown 2016’s Opening Night [July 1, 2016]

Renown Partners With Stanford, Bringing More Specialized Care To Reno [June 29, 2016]

Reno Food Trucks ‘Transcend Culture, Religion, Language’ [June 25, 2016]

Event Provides Reno Entrepreneurs Free Legal Advice [ June 13, 2016]

Artown: Tenfold Growth Since Launch [June 10, 2016]

Reno Author Publishes Holocaust Story After Waiting Decades [ June 2, 2016]

Connecting Reno’s Female Entrepreneurs [June 1, 2016]

Iconic ‘Believe’ Sculpture Finally Finds a Home [ May 26, 2016]

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