2016 Caucus Coverage

Published February 21, 2016 by Teen Vogue. caucus-screen-grab-cropped

That’s right. We’re the best in the west. Nevada is the fist western state to caucus and third behind the New Hampshire primaries. While we’re miles away from all the action on the East coast, we set the tone for other caucuses moving forward. We don’t have as many delegates as other states, but what we do have matters. The people chosen to represent Sanders and Clinton in Nevada will go on to represent them at the national Democratic convention in Las Vegas later this year.

And perhaps because there are brightly lit casinos around us, if there had been a tie between Clinton and Sanders, precinct leaders would have drawn cards to break it, instead of flipping a coin like Iowa. Nevada is an incredibly diverse state; we have the highest number of undocumented citizens in the entire country… (more…)


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